About Protect our Place

The overall aim of the project is to understand the range and type of community action currently underway to protect and promote the local historic environment and make recommendations on how best to strengthen and extend community action for the historic environment in future phases of the National Heritage Protection Plan (NHPP)

As part of its NHPP, English Heritage has committed to encouraging greater active engagement in the historic environment by more people. This is also reflected in Heritage Counts 2011 (LINK: http://hc.english-heritage.org.uk/National-Report/)  , produced on behalf of the Historic Environment Forum, which focuses on the role of voluntary and community groups in historic environment protection and how they can be strengthened.

The NHPP includes specific recognition of “local empowerment” as a key element running throughout its operation and includes measure 5A4 Supporting local communities in protecting significant heritage assets among others intended to support local communities. The Plan’s outcomes can only be achieved by increasing the involvement of local communities in the places that they live.

Civic Voice is the national charity for the civic movement with a network of hundreds of volunteer-led, community based civic societies at its heart. These groups are motivated by civic pride. Our raison d’être is to understand and strengthen these networks and we work with a variety of Government departments and Government agencies advising and supporting them in strengthening and inspiring community action to celebrate and protect neighbourhoods and their historic environment.

This project is a broad based survey of current community action to protect and promote the local historic environment which goes well beyond the work of the civic movement and heritage organisations. The project will increase our collective understanding of the range and type of action that exists and will provide a better understanding of how to enhance it in the future.