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A two and a half year campaign, to save All Saints church and graveyard from harm, is at an end !  Common sense has prevailed and the church will now concentrate on improvements to the church hall complex across the road.  As all other campaigners will know, tenacity and perseverance are required but our little group had those qualities in abundance, as the alternative outcome was to us unthinkable. The Protect our Place, civic voice project came at just the right time for us to publicize our objections and appeal to all those who care for historic buildings. With so much support from all quarters we were prepared to fight on and put our case before the Chancellor of the Diocese, at a church court later this year. This will not now take place, as the church withdrew the plan to build an extension, over graves in the churchyard, on February 6th 2013.  If you need convincing that the right decision has been made visit this lovely spot that is steeped in history - you can even let me know and I’ll be your guide.


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Save All Saints Childwall